Kemaman Zoo

Explore the Beauty & Uniqueness of Wildlife Splendor Kemaman Zoo & Recreation Park

Kemaman Zoo & Recreation Park (TRZK) was opened in 11 August 2009 and is the only zoo located on the East Coast Zone, Peninsular Malaysia. With a breadth of 35 acres, is the combination mini zoo, garden, fruits, herbs, orchid, tropical plants, bonsai, water theme park adn the biggest natural habitat of rey in Terengganu state.

TRZK is home to 54 different species including lions, tigers, elephants, orang utans, crocodiles copper, various species of birds and various more. TRZK is located at strategic location that can be reached by road namely Jalan Mak Chili – Ibok and Jalan Kerteh – Ibok or by water namely Bukit Kuang River – Yak Yah River.

TRZK plays an important role as center of wildlife conservation and reservation besides empowering knowledge about flora and fauna to visitors.

Kemaman Mini Zoo’s Establishment History

The uniqueness of the district which has beautiful beaches , fishing villages and beautiful flora and fauna has led to the MPK take the initiative to create a garden. That garden was then known as Bukit Takal Recreational Park. The results of such a proposal gave birth to the next idea, namely the establishment of a mini zoo. The establishment mini zoo aimed to expose and educate the present generation in identifying species of endangered flora and fauna.

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