European Hedgehog

Local Name: Landak Mini Scientific Name:  Erinaceus europaeus Diet: Insects, frogs, birds’ eggs, mushrooms Type: Omnivorous Habitat: Open fields, open forests and parks Lifespan: …

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Asian Leopard Cat

Local Name: Kucing Batu Scientific Name: Prionailurus bengalensis tingia Diet: Birds, frogs and insects Type: Carnivorous Habitat: Rocky hill in South East Asia Lifespan: 10-15 years …

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Common Palm Civet

Local Name: Musang Pulut Scientific Name: Paradoxurus hermaphroditus Diet: Fruits and smaller animals Type: Omnivorous Habitat: Forests in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand Lifespan: 10-15 years Description: Palm …

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Local Name: Binturong Scientific Name: Arctictis binturong Diet: Fruits and smaller animals Type: Omnivorous Habitat: Dense forests in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand Lifespan: 30 years Description: Female …

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Sunda Slow Loris

Local Name: Kongkang / Nilong Scientific Name: Nycticebus coucang Diet: Fruits, smaller animals and insects Type: Omnivorous Habitat: South East Asian forests Lifespan: 10 years Description: Specially …

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Malayan Porcupine

Local Name: Landak Raya Scientific Name: Hystrix brachyura Diet: Fruits Type: Herbivorous Habitat: Rocky hill forests of South East Asia Lifespan: 15 years Description: Hedgehogs can move …

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