Crestless Fireback

Local Name: Ayam Mata Merah Scientific Name  Lophura erythrophthalma Diet: Green plants, grass and brans Type: Omnivorous Habitat: Inhabits low land tropical forests Description: Creastless …

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Great Argus

Local Name: Burung Kuang Raya Scientific Name: Argusianus Argus Diet: Grains, buds of water plants Type: Herbivorous Habitat: Land Description: A male Great Argus can grow …

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Reeves’s Pheasant

Local Name: Burung Kuang Scientific Name: Syrmaticus reevesii Diet: Grains, cereals, fruits, insects Type: Omnivorous Habitat: Green forests and agricultural land Lifespan: 15-25 years Description: The tail …

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