Glochidion Spp

Local Name: Pokok Hujan Panas Daun Besar Scientific Name:  Glochidion spp Family:  Euphorbiaceae Origin/Habitat: Lowland area Details: The leaves are big and smells …

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Labisia Pumila

Local Name: Pokok Kacip Fatimah Scientific Name:  Labisia pumila Family:  Euphorbiaceae Origin/Habitat: Can be easily found in lower hillock, swampy area Details: The …

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Local Name: Pokok Kayu Manis Scientific Name:  Cinnamomum zeylanicum Family:  Lauraceae Origin/Habitat: N/A Details: It’s a tree which is commonly planted as an …

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Downy Myrtle

Local Name: Pokok Kemuting Scientific Name:  Rhodomyrtus tomentosa ( Ait,) Hassk. Family:  Myrtacea Origin/Habitat: Commonly grow as bushes in Hawaii and Malaysia, …

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