Baeckia Frutescens L

Local Name: Pokok Chuchor Atap

Scientific Name:  Baeckia frutescens l

Family:  Orchidaceae

Origin/Habitat: Grow wild in bris soil, and grow fertile in mineral soil

Details: Shrubs that can reached up to 6 metres tall. The stem and bough is hard and strong. The bark is grey in colour, chapped and ravined. The leaves are small and fine as needles, arranged in opposite order and produce aroma when they are crushed. The flower is arranged singularly or by pairs, white in colour with green ring in the middle that can turned into red

Uses: Traditionally, it is used as herbal tea for health. The leaves are believed to have the ability to heal fever, act as anti-bacteria, and smoothen menstruation circulation. Also, it is used to tend to flu, headache, chicken pox, hernia and jaundice by using the smoke of the burning leaves and/or through the vapour of the leaves stock. The essence oil which is obtained from the leaves extract is used for massaging ointment and relieves body and joint pains

Breeding: N/A

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