Garcinia Atroviridis

Local Name: Buah Gelugor / Asam Gelugor

Scientific Name:  Garcinia atroviridis

Family:  Guttiterae

Origin/Habitat: India, Myanmar to Peninsular Malaysia; grow many in lowland and villages area

Details: Medium sized tree, grows tall up to 25 metres with the trunk is peeled, grey in colour with small cracks on its bark. The leaves is oval shaped, 12-30cm x 3–7.5 cm, shiny green colour with red leaves stem. This tree also produce latex or crystal clear liquid. The flower is big, around 3cm to 4cm wide. The fruit is also big, 6cm to 8cm in diameter, round and yellowish orange in colour when matured

Uses: Have an attractive shape, suitable as a ornamental plant

Breeding: Seeding

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